Gondreville is an old Lorraine's medieval village, whose historical origins date back to Gallo-Roman times, is situated on the right bank of the Moselle between Toul and Liverdun.
Once the residence of the first Frankish kings, it became in the twelfth century a stronghold of the Dukes of Lorraine who retained until 1766, when the attachment of the duchy to France was recorded.
Walking through the village center, you can explore the memories of a historical past that, over time, was printed in the architecture of the houses and the lifestyle of the inhabitants. Its narrow streets and alleys, its door, the remains of its walls, its old courthouse, some old houses have retained it a real charm of authenticity.

Conditions of visit (individuals) : Tour of exterior only, Visit on your own at all times
Pets welcome : YES
Pratique de l'activité : Outdoor

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