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Medieval :

Medieval town of the XII° century, Liverdun was the main fortified town of the bishopric of Toul. Summer residence of the bishops, the town was known for its art of living. Liverdun has known how to protect its buildings constructed at different times such as Middle-Ages and Renaissance. Number of them are listed National Historic Monuments.

Interestings sights :

The High Gate, the Governor’s house, the old Presbytery, the Church…

The “place de la Fontaine” (Fountain Square) with its XVIth arcades and its different middle-ages statuaries in niches.

In the Church the tomb of Saint Euchaire with its peculiar statue, his head in his hands reminding his martyrdom of 362..

Art Nouveau :

The town was a major expression place for the founders of the new artistic movement “Art Nouveau”. The “Domaine des Eaux Bleues” (Blue Waters Estate) covering an area of 18 hectares, is one of its beautiful creation. It was constructed by the biggest such as Louis Majorelle, Jacques Grüber, Eugène Vallin…on the Corbin family’s initiative.

The “Domaine des Eaux Bleues” was formerly the Domain of the Warren created in the Middle-Ages by the bishop of Toul for hunting and fishing. Antoine CORBIN bought this domain where he built a country home. Set in pleasant greenery, the “Domaine des Eaux Bleues” is now owned by the Institute of Nancy for young blind and eye trouble persons. A Help by Work Institution, called “Ateliers du Haut des Vannes” stands on the premises with cane or straw-bottomed chair and horticulture workshops.

It is possible to visit the “Domaine des Eaux Bleues” within the framework of the “Discover Day” guided tour available at the Tourist Office for groups. The website to know more about history of the Domain and its workshops is :

Domaine des Eaux bleues


The Corbin Castle was built on the ramparts between two towers, the tower of the kitty used as a monetary workshop created by the bishop of Toul and the tower of the High Seat. The Corbin Family, famous sponsor of the “School of Nancy” acquired the castle in 1891.

Depuis l'esplanade du moulin

Nature and territory :

The bends of the river Moselle, one of the most beautiful natural sites of Lorraine, with its 70 km waterways offers an exceptional panorama of the rocky spur of Liverdun.

Spéciality :

The “madeleine de Liverdun”

The Madeleine cake is craft made with the same recipe since 1924. Its delicate flavour will surely tempted you.

Culture and History :

Major events :

  • 3rd Sunday of May : the Medieval Festival
  • 2nd Sunday of September : the FETE 1900


All along the year, exhibitions, cafés-concerts (café where singers, musicians…entertain the audience-customers) and plays are held in the intimate space of the Corbin Castle.

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