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The Knights Templar commanderie of Libdeau is located in the middle of a Limousin cattle farm. Even though it is not maintained anymore, it still draws attention.

In this unique historical situation in Lorraine, the ‘Domaine des Templiers’ has found its identity. It is next to the vineyards of Toul, and located at the foot of the village of Bruley.

Local products that you will find in the shop:

  • Vacuum packaged beef, pork, veal, lamb and poultry for better preservation.
  • Fruits and vegetables, a variety of raw and transformed products.
  • Bread, brioches and cakes baked in a real wood-fired oven.
  • A large choice of local wines.
  • Brewery – home-made beers brewed by our local brewers.
  • Cheese - Tommes and Fromages Frais aged in the region.
  • Eggs, flour, oils - wheat and seeds selected by our producers
  • Products of Lorraine - Madeleines, Bergamotes, honey...

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